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Transform your shower with our top quality glass shower doors. Choose from a range of stylish and durable glass door options to create your perfect retreat.

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Vancouver’s Custom Glass Shower door Provider

We specialize in custom shower glass solutions designed to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality. Our offerings include a variety of glass door styles and types to suit any bathroom or shower design. From frameless shower doors for a sleek, modern look to framed glass door options for a more traditional feel, we have everything you need to create your dream bathroom. We are located in Coquitlam and Serving all the surrounding areas such as Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and other surrounding areas. we are your local glass experts committed to delivering excellence.

Custom Glass Shower Doors are our Specialty

Choose from our exquisite frameless designs or robust framed options. Each door is tailored to fit your style and needs.

Framed Shower door

Framed Shower Glass

Choose our framed shower glass for a robust and classic feel with a variety of frame finishes

Frameless shower Glass services

Frameless Shower Glass

Go contemporary with our frameless shower glass doors, featuring minimal hardware

Shower Shelves made of Glass

Shower benches & shelves

Enhance your shower functionality with custom-designed glass benches and shelves

Fast, Safe, Hassle-Free Installation

Stronger than what is required by code

Smooth, solid surface safely contains your space

Local, experienced, Certified and Expert

Premium Thick and Tempered Glass Provided

More Than Just shower Glass Doors

Inspiring Gallery of Transformations

Explore our gallery to see the elegance and precision of Alpha Glass in real settings. Each image captures the unique beauty and functionality of our custom shower glass doors, reflecting our commitment to quality and design. 

Client Testimonials

Our dedication to quality and personalized service has made a significant impact on our clients. Read their stories and reviews below to see how our custom shower glass doors have transformed their spaces:

"Installing a steam room was a big decision for us, and the flawless installation by Alpha Glass made it the highlight of our home. The glass keeps the steam in perfectly and the sleek design has elevated the whole look of our shower area. Fantastic service from a very professional team - they really know their stuff!"
Carmen Funck
"Choosing Alpha Glass to install a frameless glass shower door in our renovated bathroom was one of the best home improvement decisions we've made. The door adds such elegance and style without overwhelming the space. Everyone comments on it when they see it. So pleased with the elegant look and how it makes the entire room feel bigger and brighter."
Astrid Borgmann
"After we decided to renovate our master bathroom, we chose Alpha Glass for a new glass shower door. The transformation was incredible and truly beyond our expectations. The team was professional, offering design advice and ensuring everything was perfect. I highly recommend their glass services to anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom."
Mark D
Mark D
Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe
We are so pleased with the speed and quality of our install. We purchased a new build condo but wanted to add a glass enclosure to the tub/shower combo. Alpha Glass, was wonderful to work with and did a great job.
Adrienne M Bull
Adrienne M Bull
I am very happy with the quality of the products and installation of my shower door. It is so much tidier and elegant than the 30+ years old shower and frame that I had, and which was showing signs of wear. I feel I received value for my money, and would recommend Alpha Glass to anyone who was looking to replace their current set up.
CP Office
CP Office
We recently used Alpha Glass to supply and install a frameless glass shower system for one of our projects with a tight deadline. We are super impressed with their fast and efficient service. Highly recommend them! - City Projects Ltd.
Sandlewood Email
Sandlewood Email
Quality service and product. I’m glad that I was presented with different options for my shower glass. We are happy with our sliding doors. And custom made vanity mirror.
Tamara K.
Tamara K.
Very fair, thorough and professional. I’m so glad I found Alpha Glass. I will be calling them again.
Sara Najafi
Sara Najafi
Had a great experience with team Alpha!! They are well organized and professional in their job.
Peyman Shakibaei
Peyman Shakibaei
Great costumer service👌👌
marco bonaventura
marco bonaventura
We chose Alpha Glass to install frameless glass railings for our new house and laneway project and really happy about that decision. The results were fantastic and a great complement to the overall design. The team is friendly and easy to work with and they care about the quality of the work they do. I have and continue to highly recommend them.
Staff super friendly and professional. Quality products with very fair price. Highly recommend this shop.

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Let's Answer Some of the Most Common Questions

How much is a standard glass shower door?

A standard glass shower door starts at about 350 bucks for framed ones and goes up to 2 grand or more for frameless styles. If you want something custom-made to fancy up your bathroom, that could set you back between $1,000 to $3,000, maybe even a bit more depending on all the cool features you pick.

The MVP of shower door glass? That’s tempered glass. It gets heated up and then quickly cooled down, making it way tougher than your average glass. So if it ever breaks, it crumbles into small chunks instead of sharp pieces. Pretty neat, huh?

Okay, so glass shower doors look awesome but keeping them sparkling clean? That’s a bit of a workout. Dirt and gunk love to chill in those tracks, and soap scum? Don’t get me started. Plus, if you’re not careful, those doors can nip you, and that’s no fun.

Frameless shower doors are like the latest smartphones – sleek, modern, and they fit your bathroom like a glove. Framed doors? They’re more old-school and tend to have a shorter style lifespan. Plus, they use thinner glass, which can be a downer for so

Frameless shower doors are like the cool kids of the shower door world – they’re made to keep water in check. There are tiny gaps, but unless your shower head is playing target practice at the edges, leaks are usually not on the agenda.

Hiring a pro to install your shower door will usually cost ya between $500 to $1,370, with $700 being the average. If you’re feeling handy and want to DIY, you could get away with spending about 400 bucks for the gear.

Take care of your glass shower door, and it can stick with you for 20 or 30 years. But hey, if it’s not installed right or you slack on the upkeep, you might be saying goodbye a lot sooner.

Low iron glass is the fancy pants of shower glass – it’s super clear and has this cool, slight blue tint. If you’re going all out on a bathroom reno and want that upscale look, the extra dough might be worth it.

Totally! Frameless shower doors are like magic for keeping your shower clean since there’s nowhere for water or mold to hide. They’re easier to maintain and look pretty sharp, too.

Frameless shower doors are a good choice if you want less cleaning hassle and a sleek look, but they can be pricier and trickier to install. So weigh your options and go with what feels right for your shower scene.

Most walk-in showers fit with doors between 22 to 36 inches wide and about 72 inches tall. If your shower’s on the wider side, you might need an extra panel to hold the fort.

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