How Much Does It Cost to Change My Railing? How Long Will It Take?

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How much does it cost to change my railing? How long will it take?

The short answer to this question depends entirely on what kind of railings you want. The type of house and the company you choose to hire will dictate how soon you will get your new railing, but ultimately, it all comes back to the type of railing you want. At Cypress railings, we strive for excellence, and that carries over to every major project we take. We believe that customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for each major project we take, so that is why we take great steps always to make sure we deliver the best possible results every time.

Choosing the right material

Since as far back as the 1800s, wrought iron has been the go-to material for all wealthy homeowners and bureaucrats. Once completed, they could serve you for a couple of decades, at the very least. Historically, wrought iron railings have been as expensive as they are durable, but a lot has changed since the 1800s. Wrought iron gates and railings are now available to all interested parties, and at a modest price too.

The complexity of the metal

On average, getting a basic wrought iron railing from a metal art workshop and installing it on your property should only take a few weeks. Depending on the complexity, the cost, and time it will take to stylize the iron will increase, the timeline will vary.

Depending on just how ornate and complex the railing style you want to opt for, getting a foot of wrought iron could cost you about 100 dollars or more. Obviously, this price differs from railing contractor to railing contractor, but this should be a reliable baseline if you are in the city of Toronto.

Are wrought iron railings that durable?

Wrought iron railings require very little maintenance and upkeep. Once installed, they take care of themselves. Aside from the occasional scrub down and conditioning, they need very little care. They are also infinitely more durable than the average steel railing. They can take the full force of a car without completely collapsing, and are strong enough to support your bodyweight fully.

What if you don’t want wrought iron railings?

Well, if classical railings and durability don’t quite appeal to you, you could also choose one of the hundred railing styles and patterns that have been commercially used over the years. They are not as challenging to mold as much time as wrought iron. If you choose a basic steel design, it will cost you considerably less, and you should be completely set up in less than three weeks at the latest.

As we said, there are hundreds of factors that we simply cannot account for on this post. But, if we were making an estimation based on what we can control, it should take less than three weeks in the latest for regular railing, and sometimes more than four weeks for wrought iron railings..

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