Smart Film

At Alphaglass, we unlock the future of space management and privacy with cutting-edge smart film and PDLC film technologies in Coquitlam and all over Lower Mainland. Our innovative solutions transform ordinary glass into dynamic surfaces, giving you control over light, visibility, and privacy at the touch of a button.


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Why Choose Alphaglass?

Expert installation: Our experienced technicians ensure flawless film application for optimal performance and aesthetics.
Wide range of products: We offer a variety of smart films and PDLC films to suit diverse needs and budgets.
Unmatched customization: Choose from customizable sizes, colors, and control options to seamlessly integrate with your space.
Reliable support: Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and provide ongoing support.

Our Smart Film and PDLC Film Solutions

Smart Film installer coquitlam

Smart Film installation for an office

Smart Film: Offer instant privacy on demand, perfect for offices, conference rooms, and healthcare facilities.
PDLC Film: Control the level of transparency, allowing for adjustable privacy and natural light filtering.
Decorative Film: Enhance your space with custom designs and logos, integrated into the film itself.
Projection Film: Transform any glass surface into a high-definition projection screen.
Anti-glare Film: Reduce glare and improve visual comfort while maintaining transparency.

Our Services

Consultation and design: We assist you in selecting the right film and creating a customized solution that meets your unique requirements.
Professional installation: Our skilled technicians ensure a flawless and efficient installation process, minimizing disruption to your environment.
Maintenance and support: We offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your smart film and PDLC film continue to perform optimally.

Smart Film installation coquitlam


Residential: Bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, sunrooms, shower enclosures, partition walls.
Commercial: Offices, conference rooms, medical facilities, retail stores, restaurants, hotel rooms.
Institutional: Schools, libraries, government buildings, museums, projection rooms.


Enhanced privacy: Instantly switch between clear and frosted states for ultimate control over your viewing comfort and visual privacy.
Light control: Manage light intake, reduce glare, and create the perfect ambiance for any activity.
Modern aesthetics: Add a sleek and contemporary touch to your space with our visually appealing film options.
Energy efficiency: Control heat gain and loss, potentially reducing your energy bills.
Projection screens: Use your windows or partitions as high-definition projection screens.


Ready to transform your space?

Contact Alphaglass today for a free consultation and discover how our smart film and PDLC film solutions can meet your unique needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and recommend the perfect solution for your space.

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